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Your Face is
Access to Your Information Continuously

Non-Stop Authentication API


No more spoofing. No more hacking

Protection above two-factor authentication

Real-time access, real-time protection


No unnecessary timed logout

Increase user experience & quick access


No shoulder-surfing & visual hacking

Visual Hacking

 Visual hacking  or "Shoulder-surfing" (as seen above) can expose your confidential information, PII, trade secrets or anything personal to parties that shouldn't be privy. Protect your app and users. Believe it or not, you are vulnerable 88% of the time.


How It Works

Our proprietary PUA API checks persistently that the authenticated user, and only the authenticated user is viewing the device. The moment the authorized user isn't in the field of view of the camera, or if a second face appears, the screen obfuscates.

The moment you come back to the field of view of the camera, you are seamlessly back in. It's both a more secure user interface and a better user experience in one.

What It Detects

  • When an authorized face initiates session (authentication)

  • When the authorized face is on a frame (face tracking)

  • When it leaves the field of view (temporary suspend)

  • When another face is detected (shoulder surfing)

  • When the user is not looking (gaze tracking)