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Non-Stop  Authentication

The Whisper Company has created the future of passwordless authentication.

Our Patent-Pending Non-Stop Authentication (Persistent User Authentication - PUA) ensures that only the authenticated individual is in front of their device.


The instant they put down their device, hand it to someone else, or a second face appears behind them, their session pauses and the contents of the screen obfuscate.  

PUA iOS Developer Framework

Biometric Authentication
Implement PUA in your App
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Enable a new level of privacy & security for your apps
  • Less than 5% additional coding required

Our lightweight PUA API can easily be implemented in your application. Eliminate the weak link of passwords, the wasted time logging in, or the inconvenience of resetting your password. And all this while giving your users a more innovative user experience of privacy.

PUA Messaging App

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iOS Messaging App

  • PUA ensures no hacking & no spoofing

  • Ensure identity of sender & recipient

  • Only authenticated users can send & view


The Whisper Company is on a mission to give everyone access to this new level of ownership, privacy and security for their device and information. For that reason, we created a free iOS messaging application "invisible-ink". It is the most secure platform for communication.

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Government Funded Technology


SBIR Phase 1 Grant

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NSF I-Corps National Cohort

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The University of Texas Center of Identity funding for POC

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Expert Dojo Institutional Investment + Accelerator

Retired Prof. & CTO

Born in Venezuela, Dr. Benito Fernandez has a multidisciplinary background with degrees in Chemical Engineering (1979), Materials Engineering (1981), and Mechanical Engineering (1985 MS, 1988 PhD). Dr. Fernández worked in academia from 30+ years with a hiatus at MIT for his MS and PhD.  He developed the first Mechatronics class in the US (1993). Benito has research and IP expertise with 5+ patents published.

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Benito Fernandez headshot, CTO, The Whisper Company

Dr. Benito Fernandez

Co-Founder & CTO of The Whisper Company

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