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Securing Private Communications with "Eye-to-Eye" encryption


The Whisper Company believes when you communicate, you should decide who views your messages' contents, and what they can do with them.  Decide who can view and if recipients can share your contents.

The invisible-ink™ app gives you perfect identity assurance. Only you can access, send and view shared messages, documents, videos and voice notesThe moment the phone doesn't see your face in-front of it, the contents of the screen obfuscate.  Documents, that only you can view, will be blocked from someone else viewing it.


Guarantee, with ease-of-use, that you own and control your information. Delete any information sent at any point from your and the recipient's phone. It is a new level of ownership in communications

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invisible-ink Features

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Document Exchange

[i-i] Document Exchange allows the sender and recipient to know that they are verified and authenticated (in real-time) while sending the document and while accessing the document.  You have true ownership of information.  In order to send or access you must be authenticated.  If anyone else tries to view the document they will not be able to see it.  No one-but the authorized user-can send messages or documents.

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Screen Shot Alerts

[i-i] ensures that your documents and messages cannot be copied via a screen-shot, screen-grab, or print-screen without your knowledge.  If anyone takes a screenshot of a conversation or document all other parties in the conversation will be alerted when and who took the screen shot.

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No Shoulder Surfing

[i-i]has custom controls will alert you (the user) when someone else is over your shoulder viewing your screen when using [i-i].  Ensuring that when either party in the conversation is viewing the conversation that they are the only one viewing it.  For even better peeking protection, we recommend adding a Privacy Screen (e.g., Anti-Peeping Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film).

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Self-Destruct Messaging

[i-i] ensures that your documents and messages can only be viewed by the authorized party and can only be viewed for a designated amount of time, whether it be a couple of seconds or a couple of days.  This functionality allows your communication to only be visible and exist for as long as you choose.

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Eye-to-Eye Encryption
[In-transit & at-rest]

[i-i] encrypts your communication with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256), giving you military-grade encryption. [i-i] [Eye-to-Eye™] encryption is unique in that it remains encrypted at rest (when received by the phone).  It only decrypts when the authorized user is viewing it (real-time), otherwise, it stays encrypted.

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True Ownership - Message Redaction & Sharing Preferences

[i-i] makes sure that you stay in control of your communications.  You are the owner of your communications, even after they leave your device.  You can easily redact any sent image or message for you or anyone in the conversation. Furthermore, when sharing documents, you have the ability to choose your sharing preferences (whether or not they can download it or not).




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