[i-i] Technology

[i-i] Encryption

Our encryption is unlike anything else in the marketplace. We call this [i-i] (Eye-to-Eye™) encryption. We say your communication is encrypted from your eyes to the recipients'.  Our encryption only decrypts the the communications when the owner of the device is in-front of it and is (persistently) authenticated.   The only real-time authenticated decryption on the market.  This is all possible using The Whisper Company's patent-pending PUA™ (Persistent User Authentication).


 Traditional e2e (End-to-End) encryption secures the message in-transit and decrypts the message when it gets to the recipient's device.  With [i-i]  encryption, we take the encryption to the user (owner) level. You, as the owner of your device,  are the only one to see the decrypted content. You must be present (and continuously authenticated).  It is never stored decrypted, so it is encrypted at-rest.

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[i-i] Ownership

We are focused on augmenting Ownership to the traditional CIA (Confidentiality + Integrity + Availability) of information.  We believe it is a vital addition when securing ownership of the messaging from phone to phone.  We use patent-pending technology PUA™ (Persistent User Authenticator) to ensure that the owner(s) can access, view, edit, and use the information.  We call the new acronym CIAO™ (Confidentiality + Integrity + Availability + Ownership).

The true ownership that [i-i] brings users allows users to decide who is truly viewing the contents transmitted over the application.  You are given the ability to grant or restrict operations such as downloading or exporting a document or image, and if a screen shot is taken everyone in the conversation will be alerted.  Add to this the self-destruct functionality in [i-i]™ and you have the ability, as the owner, to decide who views what, for how long, and if they can take any actions on the content. This is true ownership.